The Dott Risk Way

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The Dott Risk Way
Holistic Systematic Practical Outcome focused Cost effective Easy to use Flexible


Dott Risk offers a truly holistic (complete) solution.

At the core of the Dott Risk way is a belief that the entire organisation must be evaluated for risks and not just parts or areas of the organisation. This is necessary to identify the true origin of the risks and not just where they appear.

We also believe that simply telling you what risks you face is meaningless. Key to the Dott Risk way is to provide focused guidance on how to manage (eliminate or mitigate) risks with clear action.

The Dott Risk way also provides members with critical support services (such an sample policies, templates and examples of frameworks) and a providing for Dott Risk to serve as your central risk management portal and repository.

And finally, holism means helping to inform and educate members, for example on how to create a culture that encourages good risk management throughout the organisation.


Dott Risk will take you on a very structured and systematic journey

At the core of the Dott Risk Way is a belief that risk management should structured and systematic.

A systematic and diligent approach avoids many of the pitfalls of traditional risk management approaches (whether conducted by professionals or internal staff), such as a narrow focus or failing to convert the process into bite sized, focused and tangible improvements in risk areas.

The simple principle underlying this systematic approach is to ensure that ALL possible risk areas are examined (as risk often originates in unexpected areas) and to ensure that real outcomes are achieved.

The Dott Risk Way is also built on the principle that a well structured program greatly assists people who are not 'risk experts' as the systematic approach implies that even a novice can oversee a risk review process.

Our systematic approach also provides owners and senior management with a sense of comfort that a comprehensive, organisation wide assessment has been done.


The Dott Risk Way is built on the simple principle that our offering should be practical and relevant in the real world.

With so much in the risk arena either very technical or theoretical, Dott Risk aims to offer real, practical solutions to the (risk) challenges facing real small and medium sized organisations. We understand that most of our members are not trained or skilled in the area of risk management and that what is needed more than anything else is practical solutions to real world problems.

The Dott Risk Way is also founded on the principle that much of the actual risk management will be delegated to staff with little or no formal training.

Every effort has been made to make the tool and content as useful to the average person as possible.

Outcome focused

Core to the Dott Risk Way is the belief is that a risk management process that does not yield real improvements (the elimination or material reduction in risks) is of no real benefit.

This is achieved on the combination of effective feedback on risk assessments, an easy to use dashboard and (most importantly) detailed and  targeted guides in over 150 detailed areas,

In effect, the Dott Risk Way breaks risks risk into categories (e,g, strategy, operations or Human resources (HR)) and then unpacks these risks categories further into specific risk areas (e.g. poor recruitment practices with HR) and provides members with feedback on the underlying area. This may either then be used for quick and simple improvements or used to identify a more detailed project in that area (where required).

Cost effective

Dott Risk is cost effective, whether in in absolute terms, relative terms (to other offerings) or in terms of value for money. It is intended to be affordable to as many people as possible.

Comprehensive risk management (e.g. by qualified risk management experts) is frankly not affordable and therefore not realistically available for the average small business.

Basic professional risk specialists could easily charge many thousands of Dollars for a basic (high level) review, the outcome of which often does not contain the critical actions required to improve these areas.

The combination of the creative use of technology and the conversion of years of practical risk management experience into digital IP has resulted in a solution that is not only very affordable but also comprehensive.

Dott risk believe that making a comprehensive, flexible, practical and user friendly system affordable will enable many more organisations to use the tool.

While Dott Risk is a commercial venture, we also believe that helping organisations prevent disaster (by helping with an accessible risk management toolkit) also makes a positive contribution to society.

Easy to use

Our core philosophy is that our solution should be as accessible and useful as possible to as wide an audience as possible.

As such, the Dott Risk solution was built on web technology, making it user friendly and easy to use, even for those with limited computer skills.

Great focus was made on keeping the technology as simple as possible, for example in the design of menus, screens and assessment pages.

This ease of use philosophy culminates in a simple, easy to read and interpret Risk Dashboard.

The Dott Risk solution is a webasedf system that allowed for the  to be user friendly and accessible to even the most technologically unsophisticated users.

Furthermore, the site contains many short videos and infographics covering areas such  'how to', 'why am I here' and 'what's next' content to help any user that may need assistance on how to use the system.

Finally, the targeted feedback (in the detailed risk area guides) is written in non-technical English and these guides are delivered directly into your email box.


The Dott Risk solution recognises that each member/ user is unique (different) and as such offers members great flexibility.

Firstly, membership is on a month to month basis. You are therefore free to terminate your membership once you have done the necessary assessments and received the required guidance etc..

Secondly, while we require all members to do our general assessment (so as to produce an organisation wide risk dashboard), you are free to do the detailed assessments in whatever order is considered most appropriate. We do however recommend that members follow the recommended prioritisations as these represent the risks on an organisation wide basis.

Members are also free to downgrade to silver membership (where the portal is used as a central risk repository) and then upgrade in the future should they wish to redo their risk review.