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The Global Risks Report 2019

The Global Risks Report 2019, 14th Edition, is published by the World Economic Forum. The information in this report, or on which this report is based, has been obtained from sources that the authors believe to be reliable and accurate. However, it has not been...

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What can you learn from the Listeriosis situation?

While the recent deadly Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa, the biggest in global history, appears to be an isolated event tracked down to specific manufacturers of processed meats such as polony, there are far wider risk implications arising from this incident....

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Staff fraud and lessons to be learnt – a case study

Staff fraud and lessons to be learnt – a case study I was recently told of a fraud perpetrated a few years back by a female employee of a privately owned agricultural group which saw R35 million “deviated” over a relatively short period of time, into the...

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