Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will your tools and assessments help me eliminate the risks from my business?

Frankly no. Our tools and assessments will help you to identify a variety of risks, some of which can be solved or removed (e.g. through insurance),  many risks cannot be eliminated entirely.

Our tools will however help you to identify and assess the potential impact of risks and then guide you as to how to minimise the possible impact of these risks.

Will working through the Dott Risk programmes and assessments give me a complete risk management solution (i.e. address all my risks)?

Our tools and assessments are designed to help you identify most of the bigger, more common risks, but cannot be seen as a complete and final solution.

It is vital that you and your organisation ‘own’ your risk management and see our tools as a part (possibly a very significant part of) of your overall risk management process.

Will doing all the assessments on the site remove the risks facing our organisation?

Our tools and assessments will help you greatly to identify areas of weakness and risk, and identify possible solutions. This is however not the solution in itself. You / your organisation will then have to implement the risk mitigation solutions to actually reduce or remove these risks.

Risk is however wide ranging and constantly evolving.

Must I use all the tools on the site or can I only use the one’s I see as relevant to my organisation?

You are free to use any or all of the tools as you see fit. There may be some assessments that are not relevant to you (e.g. an assessment on debtor risk if you don’t offer any credit/ payment terms to clients/ customers).

You should however take care not to limit your use of the assessments too greatly as you may miss risks that are not obvious to you.

Must I use the Dott Risk member workbook and go through the assessments in a set order?

No. The workbook is intended to guide your risk management efforts and keep a formal record of your risk management programme.

You are welcome to use any other ‘system’ that will help you to formalise and record your risk management effort or may even chose not follow a formal (systematic and documented) risk management programme if this is not deemed necessary.

How long will it take me to complete my risk management process?

The time it will take you to effectively identify, assess and manage the risks facing you organisation will vary greatly, depending on the degree of complexity (number and extent of the risks), your existing risk management policies and programmes and the level of commitment from your risk champion.

It is quite possible for a fairly simple organisation with a limited number of material risks and a high level of commitment from the risk champions and management to do a comprehensive risk review and risk management programme within a few weeks.

Other, larger organisations with greater complexity and risks, and less focus may in contrast take many months to complete even the review process.

The big determinant will probably be the commitment of the risk champion.

Can I cancel my membership at any time (e.g. if I see no value or feel I have completed by process)?

Your membership can be cancelled at any time, subject to a one month notice period.

How can I pay my monthly subscription?

You can either pay though PayPal or by credit card.

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