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Learn more about Dott Risk

There are risks out there that, when combined, have the potential to sink your business. Take our free assessment now to identify any potential issues in your organisation.

Making Dott Risk work for you

Dott Risk aims simply to help business owners and managers to identify and manage the risks facing their businesses. We take the highly complex world of risk and risk management and simplify it by breaking it into logical elements.

What makes Dott Risk different?

We provide easy to use tools that focus on practical risk management. We aim to empower clients to manage their risks (at their own pace). We are NOT traditional risk consultants.

Competitive Advantage

Good risk management can actually give your business a meaningful competitive advantage.
Using Dott Risk will not therefore not only help you eliminate potentially damaging risks, but could make your business stronger than the competition.

Become a member

Sign up now and you could be de-risking your business within minutes.
Membership costs only $ 20 per month and you can cancel whenever you choose.

Cost Effective

The Dott Risk solution is a very cost effective way of identifying and managing key risks.
As an example, it is quite possible adopt risk management policies, to do all the relevant risk assessments, and implement risk mitigation practices within only 3 months, at a total cost of only $ 60.

Avoiding Disaster and Tragedy

Risk management will help prevent potentially devastating events.
Left unchecked, it is probably just a question of time before your biggest potential risks turn into risk events.
Preventing disasters / tragedies is in the interest of ALL stakeholders.

Quick Solutions

Using Dott Risk in a disciplined way will help you to QUICKLY identify the bigger risks facing your organisation, as the 5 biggest risks probably represent the majority of your total risk.
You could be registered and have your first risk assessment completed in 10 minutes.

Why bother?

A pro-active and preventative approach to the management of risk, governance and core compliance will not only materially lower the risk profile of a business but will at the same time:

  1. Have a positive impact on financial performance (less losses and better business) and sustainability.
  2. Improve its attractiveness as an employer.
  3. Improve its standing with professional bodies and regulators.
  4. Make it more credible for larger contracts or tenders, and
  5. Make it a more credible borrower to banks, other credit providers and suppliers.

A Systematic approach

While the process of assessing and mitigating the many risks facing a business or organisation may feel like a daunting project, it becomes a lot less intimidating when one breaks into a number of manageable projects.

The benefits of a disciplined and systematic approach to tackling highly complex and risky environments are well illustrated in the aviation industry (painstaking pre-flight checklists), formula 1 pit crews and the medical industry (e.g. the methodical approach followed by anaesthetists).

We believe that every organisation can follow the examples above in managing high levels of risk and complexity by adopting a methodical and structured approach to risk and uncertainty.

How we do it

Risk is not only unavoidable, but it is becoming increasingly relevant and more complex in the modern business world. It is however almost impossible for the average business owner or manager to get the necessary level of insight into all the potential risks facing their business.

Frankly, we realise that very few business operators have the necessary time and inclination to actively manage risk, given all the other priorities and time constraints in an average business day.

Our goal is to transfer many collective years of experience and learning in the areas of risk management, compliance and general business into practical tools to help entrepreneurs and managers better identify, assess and mitigate business risks.