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Association Risk – Are you managing it?

 Association can arise from friendship, relationship, connection or involvement with a particular individual, group, club, fraternity, union, business, company or organisation. Each of these bodies have their own reputation, ethics, culture, values or ethos which...

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WEF Global risk report 2020

The 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report is published as critical risks are manifesting. Click here to read the summary of the WEF Global risk report 2020.

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Covid 19 Impact on supply chains

While Covid 9 will have a lasting impact on the global economy, the first hit came in the form of massive disruptions to supply chains, especially in industrial powerhouses like the USA, Germany and Japan This worthwhile (short) article examines what happened and what...

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Good reading on the impact of Covid 19 on financial risks

A good article on how to manage risks (especially financial risks) in a COVID 19 environment. Although largely written for accountants, it is useful for business owners/ managers and worth a read. Click here to read the ifac report on  Reporting and Fraud Risk Arising...

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