The Benefits Of Membership

"We can't remove your risks, but we can help guide you and provide support, with tools that make a big difference. We aim to be a helping hand when you need it most."

10 Reasons to become a member of Dott Risk Online

  1. Provides a holistic approach to risk. Not limited for example to narrow risk groups (e.g. technical risks or occupational health and safety).
  2. A simple and structured approach. The workbook provides real structure.
  3. Real tools to manage real-world risks. This is not a theoretical risk site.
  4. Flexible membership. Cancel whenever you like.
  5. Very affordable (three months membership costs less than many specialist risk management books).
  6. Flexible toolkit. Work at your own pace and use the tools that work for you.
  7. Feedback, literature (e.g. policy templates) and assessments provide documentary proof of risk management efforts (e.g. for owners, regulators), and
  8. Ongoing content, tool development and related services means you remain updated and fed with relevant content on an ongoing basis.
  9. Provision of guides - our assesments are taiolred to provide you with useful guides to help you improve your weaknesses. These guides are provided for every identified risk we feel may harm your organisation/business.
  10. Can be used as an educational tool in stafftraining.

Benefits of being a Dott Risk member:

  • A free copy of Dott Risks ‘50 shaves of risk’. This will give you 50 practical things that the average small and mid-sized organisation can do to reduce risks.
  • Access to a wide range of online risk assessments and tools. We pride ourselves on a holistic, real world approach. All our tools and assessments focus on identifying and managing the practical risks.
  • A free copy of the ‘Dott Risk - Risk Management Workbook’. This workbook will help you to systematically identify assess and manage the risks facing your organisation.
  • Regular risk management articles and newsletters.
  • Reduced fees for risk audits.
  • Discounted fees to attend the annual Dott Risk ‘Risk Management conference’ (held in Johannesburg), and
  • Special offers on risk related services and related services from preferred services providers (geographically limited).

Risk Article Categories

Note: Not all content will be available to non-members.