About Us
What Is DottRisk?

Dott Risk is an Online Risk Management Portal designed to help small/medium sized business assess and manage risks in the daily operations of their organisation. We offer comprehensive online assessments and downloadable policies that play a role in allowing you to take control of your risk management. Our procedure is one that is designed to help you manage your organisation at your own pace and time and reduce risks by focusing on results.

About the people behind Dott Risk

Dott Risk was born in 2014 by Graeme Dott and Graeme Körner. The roots of the company however go much further back than that. While the business was created to leverage the content of a book D-Risking your business, written by Graeme Dott (over a five year period), the real content spans an aggregate of 65 years business, banking, financial, risk and startup experience.

Graeme Dott

Graeme spent most of his career in banking with Standard Bank and Citigroup. Here he was exposed to a broad base of customers of all sizes and industries, operating in a number of countries. In addition to their borrowing, treasury and service requirements, he was privy to the many operational issues and business challenges experienced by them, in particular credit losses, transactional banking risks and frauds experienced by them. His specialist focus was on transactional and electronic banking across Sub-Sahara. Read More>


Graeme Körner

Graeme did a bachelor of commerce at the University of Johannesburg, but went on to do an honours degree in investment management. Graeme also completed a variety of industry exams, including banking, insurance and stockbroking. Graeme has broad financial industry experience ranging from banking, private banking, asset management, and has, over the past few years also built a variety of businesses in wealth management, fiduciary services, risk management and private equity. Read More>