Our Offering
“Core Focus is on Small, Medium and Large Organisations”

Our core offering

Our core offering is an internet based online risk management system, designed specifically for small/medium sized businesses.  Click here for a summary of what you can expect as a member.

Our online tools (assessments) will help business owners and managers to quickly identify areas of weakness. Our offering starts from $20 per month for Silver Membership, $100 per month for Gold Membership and lastly $200 per month for Platinum Membership.

For the Silver offering you get basic consolidated risk assessments, limited access to blogs & articles and the risk repository. The Gold offering allows you limited assessment with feedback, access to specific guides, tailored member content and support. Then finally the Platinum offering is unlimited access to all content on the portal such as assessments, guides, blogs, high level support and more.

Our tools are designed to be simple and quick, as we realise that you, as the owner or manager will be wearing many hats and will be invariably overwhelmed because everything is a priority.

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Dott Risk consulting offers a wide range of risk management services, including:

  • Comprehensive risk audits and risk assessments of certain areas (e.g. Human resources risk)
  • Risk awareness training
  • Comprehensive risk management manuals and procedures
  • Ready Risk management tools (such as guides, checklists and toolkits)
  • Risk and governance courses for management and general staff


We can also help organisations or businesses design and implement tailored risk management procedures and checklists.