Dott Risk has a simple goal that of "making risk management accessible and practical for all'.

At the heart of the offering is the the principle that effective risk management must be organisation wide, as risks often originate in the most unexpected areas. The importance of looking beyond the obvious risks cannot be overemphasised. While most risks ultimately manifest themselves in an operational or financial areas, they often originate in and impact other areas first and be managed (or eliminated) elsewhere. An example of this would be poor human resources (people) practices (e.g. as a result of a lack of relevant HR policies) that result in the appointment of the wrong (e.g. dishonest) staff as a result of a lack of sound recruitment practices and procedures (e.g. reference, qualifications or criminal record checks).

And so, while internal (employee) fraud may result in a financial risk (loss), the risk originates in and should be managed as a human resources (people management) issue/ risk and not left to try and eliminate the risk once it escalates to a financial risk.

Dott Risk also applies the principle that a systematic and structured approach makes risk management much simpler and as such useful for the typical SME owner or manager.